Assignments from your teacher

You should have a login letter from your teacher, containing your username and password. If you don’t have the letter, ask your teacher.

Yumu login form

Once you have logged in, you will see an image that links to your assignments. Beneath this image, you can see how many assignments you have and how many of those you have not yet looked at.

Yumu tiles

Clicking the assignments image takes you to a list of your assignments.

Yumu assignments list

For each assignment, you can see whether it is new or how far through the assignment you are. You can also see the date that the assignment is due to be completed (if your teacher has set a date). To complete one of the assignments, click on it.

Using the menu on the right-hand side, click through each of the activities in turn to complete the assignment. The green progress bar above the menu, shows you how far through the assignment you are.

Yumu assignment with menu and progress bar highlighted